Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Yes It Would Be Funny...

But Gabi is in her own blog world...so until then you have to settle for Timi.

Hate It Or Love It.

Now where did I leave off...

Ahh yes...Men. Ok...not all of them are retarded, but church guys have issues. Yes, I'm referring to the ones who are supposed to be saved.

They are wacky. It has me saying, "God, I know that I'm supposed to marry a Godly man, but does he have to be in the church?"

That question is not as absurd as one might think. The ones who aren't in church seem to have the most sense and they ones who are act as if their stuff is golden.

Ok Ok...that may very well be a HUGE generalization, but I'm feeling some type of way right now.

I just don't understand them.

To be continued...again...


Blogger Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

What KILLS me about the 'church men' population, is that some of these fools have sexual reputations. Like REALLY! Something that's well known amongst the young people, and DOESNT seem to be a problem.


You'll find more beat-poet boho's who are celibate than these lil church boys. Ick.

(Once again, gross overgeneralization, but the population of them ain't that small either, shoooo)

8:18 AM  
Blogger jasdye said...

um... hello!!!

yeah, where was all this talk 5 years ago.

although, honestly, something that i'm noticing a lot more now (that i'm spoken for) is just how many women ARE (quite a few after they've wasted their teens and early adulthood on the badboys and jerks) looking for a respectable, Godly, good, smart, fun man.

we do exist. we're in short supply, but we've honestly been overlooked.

2:38 PM  
Blogger Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...


Pshhhahhh! I'm one of the VERY few ladies who NEVER wasted time with 'badboys', because a) I was too much of a snob and b) THEY KNEW I was too much of a snob, so they never bothered.

I've BEEN chasing after the calm, chaste, nerdy boys. I love me some nerdy boys. GODLY ones too.

However, it's the jerks who seem to lurk incessantly. Persistently. *sigh* For some reason, jerks LIKE snobs.

12:28 AM  
Blogger jasdye said...


this IS christine BARNES, isn't it?

5:48 AM  
Blogger Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...


2:21 AM  
Blogger jasdye said...

merry festivus, son son (son son son son son son son)

4:46 AM  
Blogger Not Your Average Jane said...

hahahahaha!!!! when i came to the church that i'm at now i prayed to God about the same thing after i met some of the available men. "PLEASE PLEASE don't let my husband be here!!!!!"

7:30 PM  
Blogger jasdye said...

but where are you going to meet him, gabs? at a christian club? on the internet? through a christian dating service?

not saying that those things are horrible or even wrong, but i think the local church isn't necessarily a place to expect a man/woman relationship, but certainly it should be a place to expect to expect a man/woman relationship - under guidance, prayer, support, with frameworks that should already be in place (such as understood boundaries, accountability, built-in biblical counselors, social frameworks, etc.)

i believe it can be (and really, should be, although slowly and prayerfully) done. just not in a singles group.

4:51 PM  

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