Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My own bone to pick. (Read Timi's post below)

You know, I was bumping around on the mule today (a mule is a glorified all terrain golf-cart) on my way to milk the cows. For those of you who don't know, I'm having some relationship issues. I have my OWN bone to pick about the seemingly raw (or at least slightly undercooked) deal I've gotten in the whole man-woman game.

To what extent am I supposed to put up with the fact that women are "the weaker vessel"? Because I am not necessarily into weak women. I'm no pushover, but I don't like having to babysit adults. I don't like having to cover every possible emotional base and then sit trembling wondering if I've left some sensitive 't' uncrossed. I don't like unexpected irrational drama. I hate much ado about nothing. I sound rather coarse right now, but that's just an honest thought I had today. I was complaining to God about having to be the big man in the relationship. Hold your obvious cheap shots at that comment. And WHO is the person who's been perping the lie that women are sexually passive nobodies and vicitms? In my experience with flirting and physical intimacy, women have out-aggressed me everytime. What a piece of work...

I think "gender roles" are a big issue. Let's just forget homosexuality for a second, okay? Cuz gender is all jacked up among the hetties now...is that part of "the curse"?

Another question to ponder is this: "How "equally yoked" can you be with a partner who's a "weaker vessel"¿?

In direct response to Timi, I say "Welcome to the club."


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why don't you tell us how you really feel, adam?

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