Tuesday, May 23, 2006

*taps on mic*

Did a look at the whore scare you all?

Have we abandoned this blog?


lol, sorry had to put that there.

I just wanted to come here and say HAHAHA, I'M GRADUATING, SUCKAAAAS!!! IN YOUR FACE DEVIL! Cuz you know, Satan has had a hit out on me since I was conceived (like *really*, he really doesn't like me!) But that's cool. I take it as a compliment.

Recently I wrote A-dizz and told him that I wasn't excited about graduating, and at the time I wrote the email I did feel that way. I was actually quite bitter about it all. But today, after waking up with tears in my eyes over a highly distubring dream (about my ex, ugh), encountering my mom's recent depression, having to deal with the heartaches that come with being a young aunt, and facing troubling woes with my father head-on, I HAD to pray. Prayer was the only thing that would keep me from crumbling into my own weary pit of hell. (You see Satan was attacking my emotions, because he knows that I'm an emotional person.)

Whomever said prayer doesn't work obviously doesn't know how to pray. I've never been so instantly relieved. God has been revamping my prayer life in miraculous ways...it's like a whole new creation is taking place in me. And my question is finally answered: A Creator never stops creating.

I got up off of my knees and understood that: I'm graduating with a degree in Grace. A little Christology certification at the side, and a minor in Abundant Life. God is setting me up for the big bad world, and at the same time, setting me up for greatness.

I prayed for my family.
I prayed for my friends (I prayed that we all continue to develop in courage, success, honor and integrity).
And I also prayed, for me.

I prayed that everything I touch, do, become and encounter will be blessed. And not only that, but strengthened with power that can only come from up above.

I thank God for that.
And I thank God for my graduation.

It's nothing to take lightly, and I realize that now.

I'm learning to walk in victory y'all.
And it's a journey that I hope to see all of you on, right along with me.